Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Video of Best James Patterson Audio Books

More than 40 James Patterson audio books are available for download from http://www.best-audiobooks.com/. These audio books are of a very high standard and the narrators are professional and articulate and add to the atmosphere created by the master of mystery, James Patterson.

Best James Patterson Audio Books

The best James Patterson audio books have now become available thanks to websites like best-audiobooks.com. James Patterson is a prolific writer of thriller novels, many of which have topped the best sellers list. His best known stories include the Alex Cross mysteries, the Women's Murder Club, 4th of July, and Kiss the Girls. He is the recipient of the Edgar award which is the highest honor for writers of mystery stories.

Thanks to the advent of downloadable audio books, James Patterson's novels are now available to a much wider audience. Audio books facilitate those with eyesight problems and also people with learning difficulties. The general public is also starting to enjoy the spoken word while travelling, exercising or just soaking up the sun while on vacation. The popularity of audio books is enhanced by the high standards of the narrators, many of whom are also actors and their voices can add another dimension to the plot. So, the best James Patterson audiobooks are now MP3 tracks and no longer page turners.